This is a video Danny Purdue produced and edited for the Splendid Trend. The song is called “Hush It”.


This is a music video I made for the Splendid Trend.

This is from a documentary called “Local Chiguiros.” It was a fifteen minute documentary for class at Purdue. We had to turn in a small sample of the video and I chose this. It was one of my favorite parts in the laundromat.

With the expert help of Danny Purdue, this music video was realised in less than five hours!  The song is twice as long, but because we were so worn out and holograms are so hard to make, we decided that not only the gradual fade out could be used to stop the song at the end of our video content limit, but a quick fade almost like an artsy joke.

Space Laser

January 1, 2010

AZ, Aaron Zernack, Esteban Garcia, Chad Rainey, Kris Paul perform an AZ song.

Just what you’d expect.   Really simple song.